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The Principles

To Guide Jurisdictions in the Use of Opioid Litigation Funds, We Encourage the Adoption of Five Guiding Principles

Confronting the on-going opioid crisis, many localities have already adopted interventions that save lives. Fortunately, new financial resources that can help states and communities fund additional programs are close at hand as a result of lawsuits brought by states, cities, and counties against opioid manufacturers, pharmaceutical distributors, and pharmacies. This is an unprecedented opportunity to invest in solutions to address the needs of people who use drugs.

To ensure that opioid settlement dollars are used most effectively, the following Principles should be adopted.

Principle 1
Spend the Money to Save Lives
Principle 2
Use Evidence to Guide Spending
Principle 3
Invest in Youth Prevention
Principle 4
Focus on Racial Equity
Principle 5
Develop a Fair and Transparent Process for Deciding where to Spend the Funding

To ensure that the influx of dollars from the opioid litigation are used to save lives, download The Principles.

Opioid overdose related deaths "increased sharply” in these regions

ACCORDING TO A CDC REPORT for July 2019 through December 2020