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Updates from the Coalition

The Coalition of endorsing organizations is working in partnership to provide updates of what is happening with the litigation, related legislation, and state and local implementation strategies.

New regulations from the Drug Enforcement Administration make it much easier to operate mobile methadone vans. We talked to Jason Brian Gibbons to learn more about these vans, how they can expand access to this evidence-based treatment, and whether they could be a wise investment of opioid litigation funds.

Despite passing legislation in 2019 related to the opioid litigation, Maryland wasn’t yet done. In 2022, state legislators passed two additional bills to ensure that the state was prepared for the influx of dollars.

States, cities and counties will receive a lot of money from the opioid litigation over the next 18 years. How does this money compare to the money that they’re currently receiving from the federal government to combat substance use?

Prescribing naloxone to people at high-risk for an opioid overdose is an evidence-based approach to reduce overdose deaths. Yet naloxone prescription rates remain low. A number of states have passed laws to try and address this–see what happened in one health system in California as a result.

Curious about the status of all the lawsuits? Want to see what is happening across states? This website is the place for you.

Researchers interviewed staff in New Jersey correctional facilities and found three key lessons from the recent expansion of treatment in jails across the state.

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How does the MDL align with the Principles?

Breaking down the proposed Multi-District Litigation settlement agreement, to see how it aligns with The Principles.

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For more in-depth information on the status of the opioid settlements and spending plans to explore how funds from the opioid litigations are being used to support public health response, visit The Opioid Settlement Tracker.