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The Coalition of endorsing organizations is working in partnership to provide updates of what is happening with the litigation, related legislation, and state and local implementation strategies.

Over 100,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2021. New data on the substances involved in the deaths show the changing nature of the drug epidemic. States and local jurisdictions should use their litigation dollars accordingly.

Cuyahoga and Summit counties settled many of their opioid-related lawsuits in 2019 for over $325 million. Other counties can learn from the process they used to decide how to spend the money as well as their decisions.

Connecticut legislators passed a new opioid bill this session that incorporates many–though not all–of the opioid litigation principles.

The recently-released National Drug Control Strategy has a new approach that has not been endorsed by the federal government before.

North Carolina’s local jurisdictions–which will be getting the majority of the state’s funds–must select between two options when deciding how to spend the dollars they’ll be getting.

Colorado used an inclusive planning process to come up with a distinct approach to spend its dollars from the opioid litigation.

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How does the MDL align with the Principles?

Breaking down the proposed Multi-District Litigation settlement agreement, to see how it aligns with The Principles.

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For more in-depth information on the status of the opioid settlements and spending plans to explore how funds from the opioid litigations are being used to support public health response, visit The Opioid Settlement Tracker.